BERLYN Creative Network

We advise artists and brands. We produce music – for advertising and films. We play music – for bars, hotels and special events. We produce and market merchandising – for BERLYN as a brand. We develop strategies, advise on deals (with labels, publishers, brands etc.) and acquire collaborations – for newcomers and established artists.

Extract of references, Patrick Wiechert-Paulsen (Managing Director)

* Product Management, Universal Music Germany, e.g. Bravo Hits, compilations for MTV, Splash, Juice and many more, 2001-2004

* Artist Management, among others The BossHoss, The Alpine, Celina Bostic, 2004-2010

* Marketing Director Max-Schmeling-Halle & Velodrom Berlin, 2010-2022

* Founding of Berlyn Creative Network, 2014-present

* Concept / design relaunch of the website, 2019

* Launch Berlyn Music via Spotify, 2020