BERLYN Creative Network

The Berlyn Creative Network consults artists and brands. We produce music for advertising and films. We design and market merchandising. We conceptualize websites and built strategies for artist-development. We provide legal advice in media and copyright law as well as deals with labels, publishers and brands. We acquire cooperations.

REFS (excerpt)

* Product Management, Universal Music Germany, Bravo Hits, Compilations for VIVA, MTV, Splash, Juice and more, 2001-2004

* Artist Management, The BossHoss, The Alpine, Celina Bostic and more, 2004-2010

* Marketing Management Max-Schmeling-Halle & Velodrom Berlin, 2010-today

* Foundation of Berlyn Creative Network for DJ Booking and Merchandising, 2014-today

* Concept and design Relaunch for the producer team Beathoavenz, 2019,