BERLYN Creative Network

We advise artists and brands. We produce music. We play music. We produce and market merchandising. We develop strategies, advise on deals and collaborations.

Extract of references Patrick Wiechert-Paulsen, Head of BCN

* Product Management, Universal Music Germany, e.g. Bravo Hits, compilations for MTV, Splash, Juice and many more, 2001-2004

* Artist Management, among others The BossHoss, The Alpine, Celina Bostic, 2004-2010

* Marketing Director Max-Schmeling-Halle & Velodrom Berlin, 2010-2022

* Founding of Berlyn Creative Network, 2014-present

* Concept / design relaunch of the website, 2019

* Launch Berlyn Music via Spotify, 2020

* Prio Ticketing & Marketing Live Nation Entertainment GSA, since 2022